A message to our readers

Hello, loyal followers and readers who have come to trust the information and stories we publish.

It has come to our attention that there is a person/company who has recently begun using our brand name Global Vegan in their promotions and offerings. The business’s name and logo, which they have integrated into their website, communication, and the name of some of their offerings, are not exactly like ours, however, close enough to cause confusion and to potentially gain the trust of people who may think they are associated with our business. 

The Global Vegan™ official stacked version of our logo seen here was design by us in early 2020 for our Canadian Vegan publication and updated with our rebrand to Global Vegan.

Global Vegan Magazine’s official company name is Global Vegan Media and Marketing Inc.

Please know that the similar round stacked logo being used in their communications or social media using Global Vegan is not associated with us. Unless it’s been posted by us on Global Vegan Magazine social media or website, or by one of our partners listed on our website.

We find this appropriation deeply disturbing, and we cannot simply continue to look the other way.

We’ve worked hard the past 4 years to build our brand and business and conduct ourselves with integrity, which we’re determined to uphold to continue to earn your respect and loyalty.