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Betty White Challenged & Simple Happy Kitchen Answered

Simple Happy Kitchen donated $16K USD to 596 animal sanctuaries from 47 countries as a result of the 2022 Betty White Challenge.

Tel-Aviv, Israel –– Simple Happy Kitchen announced the conclusion of the Betty White Challenge project. What started in January 2022 as an ordinary social media post encouraging people to tag their favourite animal sanctuaries for a $5 donation, quickly turned into a viral campaign that saw the collection of 3,200 tags in 24 hours and $16,000 USD being donated to 596 animal sanctuaries, shelters, organizations and individuals from 47 countries across the world.

“The Simple Happy Kitchen team was amazed, and honestly surprised and honoured, by the amount of people reacting to the Betty White Challenge. We’re thrilled to use that challenge to support our cause to help as many people as possible to understand, and react upon, the use and abuse of animals in the food and fashion industries. Donating $16,000 USD helps thousands of animals, in addition to our other initiatives, actions and suite of products. We’re excited to see where what started as a small project continues to grow to.” – Miki Mottes, Founder and Creative Director.

Some of the key takeaways are:

  • The country which received the largest sum of total donations was the US ($7,955 USD), with the second and third spots going to Canada ($2,010 USD), and Australia ($1,925 USD).
  • The largest amount donated to a single organization was $550 USD.
  • 39 additional organizations have received donations ranging between $100-$500 USD.
  • 450 organizations have received donations of $5-$10 USD each. 

The organizations ranged from micro sanctuaries to huge, well-known operations such as PETA, Esther The Wonder Pig, Edgar’s Mission and The Gentle Barn. The range of animals being helped starts at invertebrates and goes on to bats, rabbits, rats, cats, dogs, raccoons, wombats, foxes, elephants, and, of course, numerous shelters dedicated to the seemingly endless stream of pigs, goats, cows, chickens, sheep, and other exploited animals who have managed to survive the food and cosmetics industries. 
Since 2016 Simple Happy Kitchen has been promoting a positive and fun vegan lifestyle, compassion towards animals, and a more thoughtful approach towards planet Earth. To learn more about #BettyWhiteChallenge results, read the complete story on the website.  

About Simple Happy Kitchen: Simple Happy Kitchen’s mission is to end the use, abuse, and consumption of animals worldwide, by helping as many compassionate people as possible to transition into a plant-based diet and go vegan. 

Simple Happy Kitchen creates easy-to-understand, fun, and funny, digital and physical creative products to educate people about animal ethics, the benefits of plant-based nutrition, and its effect on our health, the animals, and the planet. Learn more at or follow @simple_happy_kitchen on Instagram.