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  • Scholarships to support wildlife coexistence in Canada
    August 25, 2022 Scholarships to support wildlife coexistence in Canada Charity The Fur-Bearers offering arts and science scholarships for second year North Vancouver – Scholarships to support wildlife coexistence through the arts and scientific research are once again available from Canadian charity The Fur-Bearers.  Created in 2021, The Fur-Bearers’ Arts and Science Scholarship program supports individuals who are committed to improving coexistence with wildlife in Canada. The scholarships, one in an arts stream and one in a science stream, are awarded to support projects involving fur-bearing animals that promote coexistence with wildlife.  The arts stream is for projects that use the arts to engage with their communities and share the message of coexistence. The science stream is for projects that are primarily research-driven and work towards empirical solutions to human-animal conflict. “As human and non-human animal environments have become inextricably linked, it is vital that we continue to find innovative ways to live peacefully among wild animals and develop non-lethal alternatives in addressing perceived human-animal conflict,” says Aaron Hofman, Director of Advocacy and Policy at The Fur-Bearers. “This also includes creating wildlife-minded communities and amplifying the message of coexistence within our society.” The 2021 winners include artist Sarah Ronald and wildlife ecologist Nikki Heim. Sarah created hand-drawn animations of wildlife that are seen – and often encountered – in British Columbia. Her project, Encounter-Encounter, presents these animations in public spaces, allowing audiences to engage with the visuals and reflect on their experiences and encounters with wild animals in their daily lives. Nikki’s project presents findings of her research into wolverine denning habitats in an interactive format using ArcGIS’s StoryMaps, where she tells a captivating story about her experience tracking wolverines in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. Applications for the 2022 scholarships will open on September 1, 2022. All details, including more on the program, eligibility criteria, and necessary forms, can be found at  The Fur-Bearers is a non-partisan Canadian charity founded in 1953 to protect fur-bearing animals through conservation, advocacy, research, and education. Learn more at  To learn more visit
  • Now available to order world-wide!
    Aug 16, 2022 Global Vegan Magazine is officially available to order from around the world! Over the past year with requests coming from as far as Spain, our Canadian-based print magazine can now be delivered around the world, and available in an instant with our digital version available on Issuu which is currently enjoyed by readers globally. Global Vegan Magazine digital readers are from Australia, U.K., France, U.S., Germany, Romania, South Korea, Thailand, Chile, Philippines, India, South Africa, Peru, and the list goes on! We’re grateful for the support of our readers and those taking part in each issue from around the world. More announcements coming soon as we work to improve on everything we do. –The Global Vegan Magazine Team
  • New Vegan Community Partnership – PEACE Canada
    August 14, 2022 Global Vegan Magazine officially announces a Vegan Community Partnership with PEACE Canada (People Ensuring Animal Care Exists). PEACE is a registered Canadian charity established to help farmed animals and farm sanctuaries through resources, rescues and education. After several years of getting to know the organization, the team and their mission; it only made sense for our magazine to take the necessary step of providing media support. A community partnership with PEACE is of utmost importance to us as a vegan publication. It’ ensures that we are using our media platforms responsibly to support those in the vegan community by consistently shining a spotlight on the important work they do. The Global Vegan Magazine team is vegan for the animals first and foremost—organizations such as PEACE align with our values and we look forward to assisting them in this way. We have complete trust in the PEACE and in their mission to support owners of Canadian farmed-animal sanctuaries. Nia Seney, Editor-in-chief Global Vegan Magazine To learn more about PEACE Canada and the resources they provide, visit their website at:
  • New Media Partnership – The International Vegan Film Festival
    Aug 7, 2022 Global Vegan Magazine, a subsidiary of Global Vegan Media and Marketing Inc. recently collaborated with The International Vegan Film Festival (IVFF) in the role of Media Partner. This trailblazing event is dedicated to sharing compelling films that educate, inspire and entertain. The festival celebrates the vegan ideal: a healthier, more compassionate, environmentally friendly lifestyle that can be achieved through the consumption of plants and animal-free alternatives. IVFF has partnered with the streaming platform EarthStream. Subscribers will have access to International Vegan Film Festival films, shorts and documentaries featuring some of the most well-known celebrities in the world of animal welfare and environmentalism. By working as a media partner with festivals such as IVFF—our hope is to assist in sharing with our audience about the valuable work the team at IVFF is doing. Nia Seney, Editor-in-chief Global Vegan Magazine Apart from the incredible films showcased, the festival also hosts an international cookbook contest which showcases the finest cookbooks from vegan chefs and influencers. The IVFF cookbook judges review the submissions by cooking three meals from each book and rating them. The contest creates a unique platform to highlight and reward the best new vegan cookbooks. Applications are being accepted if you are interested in hosting a screening in your city. Visit to register, to or learn more about their schedule or how to get involved. The International Vegan Film Festival is present by Wicked Kitchen Sponsored by: VegFund, ethose, 22Scout, Pro Veg International, VegMovies and VegOttawa Association
  • New media partnership with The Vegan Fashion Show
    Aug 6, 2022 Global Vegan Magazine recently joined forces with The Vegan Fashion Show in Toronto Canada as an official Media Partner. This joint initiative, is in effort to further highlight the show’s brilliant lineup of designers producing some of the fashion industry’s most cutting-edge cruelty-free designs to hit the catwalk. The show will include vendors, speakers, live music, and free professional photos at the photo wall. Learn from their educational textile display and discover innovative, animal-free materials. This year’s display will showcase plant-based leathers. The Vegan Fashion Show is a registered nonprofit organization. Their ethos is characterized as a charitable and educational event that provides evidence-based education on why animal-free materials are better for the environment. Guests can take in this incredible fashion show in a venue with industrial-age charm in the trendsetting neighbourhood of Queen Street West. The next show takes place Sunday October 2nd, 2022 at Longboat Hall in Toronto. Vegan designers are encouraged to fill out an application and apply to have their collections showcased during the show. Hair and makeup stylists are also welcome to apply and take part in this amazing event. All proceeds from our show benefit Animal Justice as an effort to contribute to meaningful and long-lasting help for animals in Canada. To learn more about The Vegan Fashion Show, the board members, Animal Justice, how apply as a designer or stylist, or to get involved; visit The Vegan Fashion Show’s website and follow them on social media on Facebook and Instagram.
  • This is the first vegan event of it’s kind in Europe Sept 15-18
    The European Vegan Summit is the first event of its kind in Europe that brings together in an interdisciplinary and intersectional way the scientific, activist, media, and political communities for which a plant-based diet, the protection of animal rights, and the fight against climate change are key issues. The September event will feature a series of expert panels on activism, politics, technology, and business related to veganism, animal rights, and biodiversity conservation. Thanks to modern technologies, the works of artists depicting the life of animals, so-called farm animals, and those living in the wild, will also be presented. The event will take place remotely from September 15-18 this year. The event’s Expert Board has been already formed and includes: Sylwia Spurek, Ph.D. in Law, MEP, Vice-Chair of FEMM Committee EP Anita Krajnc, Ph.D. in political science, Executive Director of Animal Save Movement Sebastiano Cossia Castiglioni, Vegan investor, animal rights activist Dorota Sumińska Veterinarian, publicist, author Karolina Skowron, Executive Director of Akcja Demokracja Dariusz Gzyra, Philosopher, writer, activist Marcin Urbaniak, Professor of philosophy, ethician, cognitive scientist, zoopsychologist Claire Smith, Founder of humane investment platform Beyond Investing Catalina Salazar, Director of Aquatic Animal Alliance Jennifer Stojkovic, Founder of Vegan Women Summit Piotr Krajewski, Professor in Economics, Director of the Institute of Economics at the University of Lodz Marcin Anaszewicz, Ph.D. in political science, CEO of Green REV Institute Anna Spurek, COO of Green REV Institute Leah Gage, Program Manager at VegFund Andrzej Elżanowski, Professor of biological sciences, zoologist, bioethicist Piotr Rzymski, Professor of environmental and medical biology Emma Hurst, Representative for animal rights in NSW Parliament Antoni Bielewicz, Director for the European Climate Foundation Poland Piotr Grabowski, Co-Founder of The event is sponsored by Veg Fund, A Well Fed World and Green REV Institute. Warning: Video contains graphic content 0:13-0:14
  • New vegan grocer boutique to open in Chilliwack, BC
    The Veganist, is a new vegan vegan grocer/ boutique set to open in Chilliwack BC June 2022.
  • Poland’s favourite plant-based meat brand just arrived in the UK
    Plenty Reasons’ meatless cold cuts have won awards and the hearts of Polish meat eaters and are now available in the UK.
  • Global Vegan Magazine continues Media Partnership with Planted Expo
    For Immediate Release Global Vegan Magazine formerly Canadian Vegan Magazine is continuing on with its media partnership with Canada’s vegan exhibition giant once again. Vancouver, BC—Global Vegan Magazine and Planted Expo are excited to announce their continued collaboration on the production of two yearly special editions of the magazine, which will be distributed exclusively at each Planted Expo in Vancouver and Toronto. These special editions will contain exclusive Planted Expo content, along with contributions from well-known figures in the vegan space—much like what readers of the magazine have come to expect and love, such as mouth-watering recipes. Planted Expo Vancouver is taking place June 4-5 2022. Toronto will host the event April 29 and 30, 2023. “We’re excited about this continued partnership, and we look forward to meeting other business owners, innovators and the plant-powered community that Planted Expo attracts,” says Co-owner and Editor-in-chief Nia Seney. Planted Expo hosts Canada’s largest plant-based events each year.
  • Nightshade, Vancouver’s newest plant-based restaurant
    Vancouver, BC (January 11, 2022): Nightshade, Vancouver’s newest 100% plant-based restaurant, is now open in Yaletown. The restaurant explores the boundaries of vegan cuisine, focusing on hyper-local, farm-to-table ingredients with a global twist. “We’ve drawn on techniques and flavours from a lot of different places, including India, Cambodia, Thailand, and Laos. The kitchen will also be using some strict Japanese techniques in certain dishes” says opening Executive Chef Chanthy Yen. “It’s not exactly molecular gastronomy but the restaurant is looking at ingredients from a different perspective.” Yen is an Ontario-born chef with Cambodian roots who trained at the NorthWest Culinary Academy in Vancouver and apprenticed at Spain’s two-star Michelin restaurant, Maguritz. After cooking alongside notable local chefs like Jefferson Alvarez and Ned Bell, Yen opened Montreal’s award-winning Fieldstone restaurant and the pop-up Touk. Since launching Nightshade, Yen has taken a position as the personal chef for Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his family.  Nightshade’s menu features dishes like Braised Salsafy & Burdock with garnishes of puffed wild rice, garlic, and lavender oil; Fennel Congee/Rice Porridge with sake and scallion dressing; Jicama Ceviche with kelp infused cucumber, dill and salsa verde; and Fried Cassava and Lotus Root with mint puree, sweet red curry, and coconut. The bar menu includes wine and vegan cocktails made to order as well as some, like Old Fashions and Rum Aged Manhattans, on tap. “While the focus is on plant-based food, the menu is designed to be savoured by vegans and non-vegans alike,” says Yen. “The goal is also to look beyond the ingredients and flavours while being mindful about our footprint. The team at Nightshade is committed to reducing the impact on the planet and being thoughtful about what we consume.”  The 150-seat restaurant also features a private 20-seat wine bar and tasting room at the back. Lightshade, an intimate speak-easy-inspired setting, is a phone-free zone, giving patrons a quiet space to enjoy and relax. A 30-seat patio will be added this spring.  Nightshade can be found in the former Glowbal and Wildtale space on Mainland Street in Yaletown. The room has been designed by Sean Sherwood, a former restaurateur turned furniture maker. The sophisticated decor gives a nod to flora-inspired motifs while still paying homage to Yaletown’s traditional brick and beam architecture.  For more information on Nightshade and to make a reservation, please visit  About NightshadeNightshade is Vancouver’s newest fine dining restaurant featuring elevated vegan and vegetarian cuisine. Located at 1079 Mainland Street in Yaletown, Nightshade is open Wednesday to Sunday, 5 pm to 10 pm, with expanding hours and lunch service coming soon. For more information visit or call 604-566-2955.  Follow them at @nightshadeyvr.  #globalvegan
  • BUCK Wins 2021 Planted Expo Product of the Year Award
    BUCK’s Strawberry Sass gelato is crowned winner at Canada’s largest plant-based exhibition Vancouver, BC (Oct 22, 2021): Saint Michael Foods Ltd. celebrates its first big win after learning that their BUCK Strawberry Sass plant-based gelato was declared Planted Expo’s 2021 Product of the Year. The signature frozen dessert placed first before a panel of judges which included industry insiders and everyday consumers, both vegan and non-vegan. The award will be formally presented on Nov 20 during the Planted Expo kickoff at the Vancouver Convention Centre. The highly anticipated two-day event will draw over 200 plant-based exhibitors, 20,000 attendees and a number of inspiring speakers from around the world. “It’s such an honour to receive. Our plant-based desserts are a staple at home amongst our children and it’s so fulfilling to see the community enjoying our products too. We know this is only the beginning, and we’re excited for more people to discover the countless benefits of buckwheat for our health, the planet, and local farmers,” says BUCK Founder Peter Yupangco. Each of BUCK’s gluten and dairy-free mylk and gelato-style dessert recipes have been created and perfected by Saint Michael Foods Chef Olivier Schittecatte. Originally from Brussels, and classically trained in French cuisine, Chef Olivier loves experimenting with wholesome ingredients to prepare kid-approved nourishing recipes. Each scoop of BUCK Strawberry Sass is loaded with fresh fruit and pure strawberry juice to give it a natural vibrance without the use of artificial colours or flavours. It has been a sell-out at farmers’ markets across the Lower Mainland and receives continuous praise for its decadent flavour and velvety, creamy consistency. “Winning the Product of the Year at the Planted Expo is no easy feat! Every year the kinds of submissions we receive are all really high-quality and truly game-changing products in their own right. BUCK’s gelato really stood out this year and brought smiles all around the judges table,” says Stevan Mirkovich, owner and chief relations officer of Planted Expo. Founded in 2018, Saint Michael Foods Limited is a plant-based buckwheat food and beverage producer based in Vancouver, B.C. After years of research and development, the company unveiled BUCK, a brand of buckwheat beverages and ice creams in 2020. BUCK products are made using locally-grown and harvested buckwheat, packaged in FSC-certified recyclable paperboard. Be BUCK, Own Your Goodness. Follow BUCK on Facebook and Instagram: @simplybuckofficial.
  • Planted Expo Forms Media Partnership with Canadian Vegan Magazine
    For Immediate Release Canada’s national vegan (recently re-branded Global Vegan Magazine) joins forces with Canada’s vegan exhibition giant in a unique venture and collaboration. Vancouver, BC—Canadian Vegan Magazine and Planted Expo are excited to announce their collaboration on the production of two yearly special editions of the magazine, which will be distributed exclusively to the first 10,000 people at each Planted Expo in Vancouver and Toronto. These special editions will contain exclusive Planted Expo content, along with contributions from well-known figures in the Canadian vegan space—much like what readers of the magazine have come to expect and love, such as mouth-watering recipes. Planted Expo Vancouver is taking place November 20 and 21, 2021. Toronto will host the event March 26 and 27, 2022. Canadian Vegan Magazine’s editor-in-chief, Nia Seney, and Co-owner Karen Olenik, will be present at both events. “We’re excited about this partnership, and we look forward to meeting other business owners, innovators and the plant-powered community that Planted Expo attracts,” says Seney. Canadian Vegan Magazine is Canada’s only vegan lifestyle and culture magazine. Planted Expo hosts Canada’s largest plant-based events each year.
  • Vegan BS-busting fitness coach celebrates 10-year anniversary and fourth book with online plant-based fitness summit
    Karina Inkster, online vegan personal trainer and nutrition coach, is celebrating 10 years ofplant-fueled athleticism and the release of her fourth book The Vegan Athlete, with theannouncement of ‘A Decade of Deadlifts’: the first online, plant-based fitness summit of its kind. Spanning three days, the event features workouts, prizes, behind-the-scenes Q and A, nutritioninfo, and the weekend’s feature event: The Panel, an online industry discussion aimed tocounter common myths about vegan athleticism and fitness. The Panel features some of themost accomplished names in the industry worldwide: Daniel Austin (Champion power lifter; San Marcos, TX) Korin Sutton (Pro body builder; Bay Harbor Islands, FL) Melody Schoenfeld (Trainer and Nutrition Coach Pasadena, CA) Muzammil Ahmad (aka ‘Dr. Plantbased’; 3rd year medical student; Edmonton, Alberta) Karina Inkster (MA, PTS, Award-Winning Vegan Fitness & Nutrition Coach; Powell River, BC) Moderator: Zoe Peled (CPT, former vegan boxer: North Vancouver, BC.) The online event is free with registration, open to all levels of experience, and welcomes a local, national and worldwide audience. A Decade of Deadlifts: March 19 to 21, 2021In partnership with Herbaland |Free with registration | details + event
  • Lauren Toyota’s latest cookbook now available
    HOT FOR FOOD ALL DAY Easy Recipes to Level Up Your Vegan Meals  By Lauren Toyota  ON SALE March 16, 2021  Lauren Toyota’s hot for food is one of the most followed vegan YouTube channels in the world and has become the go-to source online for flavorful, vegan comfort food recipes. But let’s face it—epic vegan food can take a lot of work. So in hot for food all day, Lauren collects her simplest, tastiest recipes for the quickest weeknight meals, easy work lunches, and satisfying breakfasts.  Separated by meal type, and with choose-your-own-adventure recipes for mac ‘n’ cheese, snack mixes, scones, and more, hot for food all day has everything you can expect from Lauren— Buffalo Chicken Crunchwraps, Spiced Grilled Cheese, Stuffed Breakfast Danishes, Tokyo Street Fries—as well as ideas for leveling up your leftovers to make your vegan meals amazing all week. With more than 100 utterly simple, crazy-delicious vegan recipes that satisfy cravings all day, everyday, plus photos chronicling what Lauren eats in a day, as well as endless ideas for dressings, sauces, and other flavor boosters, Lauren proves again that vegans can eat whatever they want.  ABOUT THE AUTHOR  Lauren Toyota is the author of the bestselling cookbook Vegan Comfort Classics: 101 Recipes To Feed Your Face. She’s been named one of Canada’s Most Influential Vegans (Impact Magazine) and has appeared on many national television programs sharing her expertise for making vegan food fast and fun. Lauren’s YouTube channel, Instagram, and site, hot for food, have amassed millions of views and devoted fans.