Contributors Terms and Conditions

Please read carefully so you have a full understanding of contributing guidelines, restrictions and expectations.

Please note we are unable accept content currently published or pitched to other publication.

In respect to our paid advertisers we cannot accept any writings that endorse a product or reads like a publicity post. Articles must be relatable to a wider audience – this means an article would not air personal business or read as highly self /business promotional. Paid advertorials can be reserved; please contact us through our Advertising page for pricing and availability.


We collaborate with photographers who pitch ideas relevant to the vegan lifestyle. Photoshoots created for an issue are for the use of the magazine article only and will not be released for social media content unless agreed upon with the publisher with specific criteria. ie. Additional shots related to the article but not similar in appearance to the photos to be printed in the issue.

If you are collaborating with other vendors we do not provide images from a photoshoot to other parties or use the article and photos as business advertisements for those 3rd parties unless agreed upon with conditions in writing. To advertise products please visit our Advertising page.

• Photographs should be 1 MB or larger (Low resolution photos taken with smartphones or sourced from online/social media will not be accepted)


  • Global Vegan Magazine retains the right to change headlines and edit articles as deemed necessary
  • We may refuse content as determined by our editors deemed to be in conflict with our goal of promoting a cruelty-free lifestyle. We will not link to social media accounts and or websites that suggest use of animal products of any kind.

  • IMPORTANT: Articles (not including recipes) must be unique to Global Vegan Magazine and not have been published elsewhere online (including your personal blog) or slated for distribution on other sites, or used for a podcast episode.  If stating facts and figures, be sure to include citations and hyperlinks. We do not accept promotional or sponsored content.

  • We do not provide digital copies of articles to be posted as personal website or social media content. Contributing is for the purpose to have work printed in the magazine. Canadian publishing guidelines require us to provide original content not published elsewhere including online).

The types of articles that are subject to decline include:

  • Articles that are poorly written or do not meet our publishing standards,
  • Anything that airs personal business which won’t be of relevance to wider readers,
  • Articles that endorses a product or reads like a publicity post.
  • We retain the right decline submissions that fall below our quality
  • We will not publish anything that is hateful, false, plagiarized or potentially libellous.

By submitting content to us, you are an independent contractor looking to have work published in our magazine, and not an employee of Global Vegan Magazine. Contributing is not for the purpose of using Global Vegan Magazine to gain access to events, people, or products.

You agree that you are not entitled to, and don’t expect any wages or compensation for the content that you submit unless an agreement has been made in writing with Global Vegan Magazine for the purpose of hiring a professional writer on a per piece basis.