A woman's had holding some organic red potatoes lightly covered in soil.

Learn How to Grow Your Garden the Vegan Way!

Learn Veganic is on a mission to help people garden the vegan way, using entirely plant-based fertilizers. 

In their upcoming online course, you’ll learn how to grow fruits and veggies using healthy, sustainable, and animal-friendly gardening techniques.

Surprisingly, many gardens aren’t quite vegan, since fertilizers are often made with animal byproducts like bone meal and manure from factory farms. 

Veganic gardening provides a solution, combining the benefits of organic gardening with an ethic of veganism. Veganic gardeners use entirely plant-based fertilizers, like veggie compost, alfalfa, and seaweed. And veganic gardeners help wildlife by creating habitat and attracting pollinators.

Learn Veganic is offering a 14-hour online course starting February 15th, where you’ll learn how to garden veganically in any setting, from backyards to balconies. 

You can find out more and sign up for the 14-hour gardening course at learnveganic.com 

Learn Veganic is also offering a free 1-hour presentation to introduce veganic gardening techniques and you’re welcome to register here: learnveganic.com/presentation