My Beauty Diary – Behind the scenes with model and actress Emma J. Purvéy

Written By Emma J. Purvéy

The Transition.

I consider myself a global vegan with a NY state of mind. The impact this choice has had on how I approach beauty is transformative. Eating plant based has allowed me to connect to my body on a deeper level and shown me that our largest organ, the skin, is a reflection of how we eat. Realizing that what I fed my body was the foundation to my skincare was a game changer. As a campaign model and actress the pressure to be flawless is part of the job and so when I was interviewed for a beauty editorial on what I use, I was inspired to create My Beauty Diary. Just as effortlessly as the seasons evolve, so has this journey. Starting as a beauty blog, elevating to print magazine and now, (drum roll please), launching as a podcast. Yes. I’m excited to announce exclusively here, that in January 2024 My Beauty Diary will become a podcast.

Photo by Steven Lev

The rhythm of the seasons and witnessing how they transition influenced what I’m about to share. I am especially inspired by the trees on my bike rides in Central Park, it is a joy to watch how summer and autumn intertwine like a choreographed dance, each knowing their purpose and what they have to offer. This is how I approach the seasonal shift in my skin, knowing it’s time to prepare my canvas. This includes my favorite facial, which is still the microdermabrasion, (I love the sensation of feeling the dirt being sucked out of my pores, it’s a city girl thing). Amping up my immune system so that my body is ready, which supports our skin, is a strategic choice at this time of year. Allowing my mind to shift and let go, (I’m a summer lover), into this brand new season because it’s all interconnected.

Living holistically means understanding this connection and being intentional in everything I do. How I think, how I eat, how I talk, how I move, the choices I make daily and most of all how I love myself. Becoming vegan gave birth to this mindset and I developed a profound level of self awareness. It has allowed me to understand my worth on another level, I find myself in awe of my body. This self respect and admiration gives me the discipline needed. I see beauty surpass the physical, in-fact the physical is a result of all the inner work. The following skincare basics can not be overlooked as we enter autumn, they are season-less. I’ve been consciously aiming to drink a gallon of water daily and as I’ve increased my H20 consumption, my skin has glowed in gratitude. I have a few go to water hacks; adding organic chia seeds to my water and putting the glass jug in the fridge until the seeds plump up is a multi beauty amplifier. Chia seeds are packed with omega-3 fatty acids and fiber, making them filling as well as moisturizing. Another hack is adding organic liquid chlorophyll, (the green pigment in plants), to my water. This is a superb skin healer and immune booster. Deep sleep is non negotiable and I love using the steam room and especially the sauna going into the cooler months. The skin benefits are massive and I always find myself impressed at how my skin looks after the sauna. Next level glow. Side note; also a fabulous precursor to deep sleep.

Let’s talk seasonal adjustments. I am a fan of face sprays and I’ve been using them since I lived in Miami Beach. They hydrate, refresh and condition the skin, I like to spritz all over my face anywhere and everywhere, it is an instant drink for the skin. My go to is the Beauty Elixir by Caudalie. I feel my skin whispering for a thicker moisturizer at this time of year and so I layer that over my favorite vitamin C serum. I’ve found serums to be a powerful tool in my skincare routine and create results that leave my skin flawless. I continue to exfoliate as the temperatures shift, this enhances my skins ability to stay dewy.

The ultimate beauty is our mind. Because it’s our thoughts that determine how we feel and navigate this world. Energy is how I communicate. I am bursting with love. I see love all around me, in the sky, the trees, the birds, my fellow humans and most of all myself. I know that absolutely anything is possible. I know that what I focus on grows. I know to ask for what I do want. To praise the abundance, wealth, love and opportunities in my life. Appreciation attracts support. Feeling deeply what I am asking for is how I bring it to fruition, combined with the work, trust, drive and pinpoint focus. The passion to feel it, see it and taste it is the power of visualization. Live in a state of joy. Life is meant to be abundant. Being aware of your thoughts allows you to understand their power and how they impact your life. Do what brings you joy. When you live in this vibration your skin glows, your immune system is strong, in-fact disease can not live in a body that is in a healthy emotional state. When you love yourself so deeply you want to nourish yourself, so eating healthy becomes a reflex as you respect your body and want to support it. Self awareness is so fulfilling.

That is the ultimate glow up.

About Emma J. Purvéy

Award winning British born actress, campaign model and creator of My Beauty Diary, Emma J. Purvéy, started her career in broadcast, (on air and on camera), while studying at London College of Fashion. After graduating with her BA (Hons) in broadcast journalism Emma had the opportunity to live and work in Miami Beach, represented by the prestigious Michele Pommier Models. This is where Emma was cast in her first supporting film role and fell in love with acting. After receiving critical acclaim on the festival circuit, Emma relocated to NYC to study her craft at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, while working as the featured fashion editor for Social Life Magazine. Emma’s model work includes the iconic Sibu Beauty print skincare campaign, while acting highlights include performing Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice, exclusively in Venice, Italy. Emma is a face to watch.
Photo by Leslie Hassler. MUA & Hair by Adriana Andaluz  | Bio written by Emma J. Purvéy.

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