Packets of Shine Health vegan products

New Certified-vegan Supplement Brand Combats Stress

Shine Health offers plant-based science-backed supplements that target 4 specific stress related symptoms such as fatigue, anxiety, poor sleep and brain fog.

Unlike many brands that use inefficient doses with no scientific backing, Shine Health only uses highly purified therapeutic dosages that are backed by 4249 research studies and counting. Our 4 unique blends are carefully crafted from the highest quality whole herbs and boosted with our industry leading AlphaWave® L-Theanine that is clinically proven to lower the stress response and boost Alpha Brainwaves – brainwaves linked to creativity, problem solving and calm focus. 

Shine Health’s ingredients are third-party tested, gluten-free, dairy-free and Non-GMO. They are also very well known for what they don’t put into their capsules – no preservatives, no sweeteners, no Titanium Dioxide, no fillers, no excipients, no sweeteners or any other cheap ingredient with no know human benefit.

All products come with a 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee promise and are packed in minimalist eco-friendly packs made with up to 80% less plastic (as compared to plastic bottles).

For a limited time, get 50% OFF your first subscription order with discount code SHINE50. One time purchases also available at higher prices.