New vegan grocer boutique to open in Chilliwack, BC

April 8, 2022

The Veganist, is a new vegan grocer/ boutique set to open in Chilliwack BC June 2022.

Owners of The Veganist, Brain McQuade and Logan Bryan decided to start the business after struggling to find everything they needed for their vegan lifestyle in one location.

After switching to a vegan a vegan lifestyle in 2018 they began to wonder “Why isn’t there a place where we can go shopping without worrying? Why do we have to shop in six different stores just to find the vegan items we want?”.

Although the initial idea was to open a simple grocer, the two decided to expand on the idea by becoming a “Grocer Boutique” and to include a section for skincare, apparel, and other non-food related products.

The Veganist’s mission is to bring quality vegan products to the Fraser Valley and to work closely with local vendors to promote the importance of supporting locally grown businesses.

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