Plant-based company Plenty Reasons in Poland team photo

Poland’s favourite plant-based meat brand just arrived in the UK

Plenty Reasons’ meatless cold cuts have won awards and the hearts of Polish meat eaters and are now available in the UK.

Polish start-up Plenty Reasons has launched its award-winning range of meat alternatives in the UK. The range, which includes Meatless Salami and Garlic Ham, is now available at the Vegan Wholesaler – and vegans and omnivores alike are being urged to check it out.

Plenty Reasons set out to create the first plant-based butcher’s shop in Poland – to offer meat alternatives that would match the experience of the finest quality cuts. When its founders started the company in 2016, the idea had immediate appeal; more than 2,000 people chipped in to crowdfund the start-up. 

From these humble beginnings, Plenty Reasons has since grown to offer some of the most beloved meat alternatives on the Polish market, flying off the shelves of supermarket giants like Carrefour.

Now, the company is launching its range of high-quality meat alternatives to the UK, with the aim of appealing to meat eaters and omnivores as much as vegans and vegetarians.

Meat eaters, omnivores and vegans alike have been amazed by how Plenty Reasons’ meatless meats taste, look, smell and feel just like the cold cuts that inspired them. The company’s Meatless Bacon, Meatless Garlic Ham and Meatless Onion Kabanos Sausage have won one of Poland’s top consumer awards, “Appreciate Poland”, and that same garlic ham was ranked as Poland’s second best plant-based product of the year just months after it was first launched.

All of Plenty Reasons’ products can be eaten straight out of the packet, cooked or kept frozen. Most importantly, they are delicious, cruelty-free, eco-friendly, full of protein and low in cholesterol. 

Plenty Reasons’ co founder, Rafał Czech, said: “We are delighted to be bringing our high-quality meat alternatives to the UK. We can’t wait for you to enjoy them – and we are proud to see more people interacting with our start-up. Together we are fighting for the ethical treatment of animals, environmental protection, and a healthier, happier life.”

Plenty Reasons is a successful start-up that fights for the ethical treatment of animals and abandonment of industrial livestock production, environmental protection, and a healthier, happier life.

You can find their products in over 400 stores in Poland (including the largest retail chains). Moreover their products are already available in the United Kingdom, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Hungary. 

More information can be found on their website.