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Scholarships to support wildlife coexistence in Canada

August 25, 2022

Scholarships to support wildlife coexistence in Canada

Charity The Fur-Bearers offering arts and science scholarships for second year

North Vancouver – Scholarships to support wildlife coexistence through the arts and scientific research are once again available from Canadian charity The Fur-Bearers. 

Created in 2021, The Fur-Bearers’ Arts and Science Scholarship program supports individuals who are committed to improving coexistence with wildlife in Canada. The scholarships, one in an arts stream and one in a science stream, are awarded to support projects involving fur-bearing animals that promote coexistence with wildlife. 

The arts stream is for projects that use the arts to engage with their communities and share the message of coexistence. The science stream is for projects that are primarily research-driven and work towards empirical solutions to human-animal conflict.

“As human and non-human animal environments have become inextricably linked, it is vital that we continue to find innovative ways to live peacefully among wild animals and develop non-lethal alternatives in addressing perceived human-animal conflict,” says Aaron Hofman, Director of Advocacy and Policy at The Fur-Bearers. “This also includes creating wildlife-minded communities and amplifying the message of coexistence within our society.”

The 2021 winners include artist Sarah Ronald and wildlife ecologist Nikki Heim.

Sarah created hand-drawn animations of wildlife that are seen – and often encountered – in British Columbia. Her project, Encounter-Encounter, presents these animations in public spaces, allowing audiences to engage with the visuals and reflect on their experiences and encounters with wild animals in their daily lives. Nikki’s project presents findings of her research into wolverine denning habitats in an interactive format using ArcGIS’s StoryMaps, where she tells a captivating story about her experience tracking wolverines in the heart of the Rocky Mountains.

Applications for the 2022 scholarships will open on September 1, 2022. All details, including more on the program, eligibility criteria, and necessary forms, can be found at TheFurBearers.com/scholarships. 

The Fur-Bearers is a non-partisan Canadian charity founded in 1953 to protect fur-bearing animals through conservation, advocacy, research, and education. Learn more at TheFurBearers.com. 

To learn more visit thefurbearers.com