Spain Vegan Business Listing

This is a complimentary service. Vegan businesses from Spain who would like to be listed please message us using the form on this page.

Please note this is for vegan businesses only. We do not list blogs, social media or other non-business related sites.

Companies listed have identified themselves as vegan companies with plant-based and vegan products or services. We strive to do our due diligence to ensure each company listed meets our criteria before adding them to our directory, however, we do recommend that you do your own research when purchasing products online when it cannot be verified in person.

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Privacy Policy

The information you submit with this form is used solely for the purpose of contacting you with any questions related to your request to be listed on our directory and will not be shared.


*Canadian Vegan Magazines reserves the right to exclude companies that do not meet our criteria or conflict with the content on our website. Products sold by the company may not include animal ingredients or materials.