Global Vegan Magazine partners with the European Vegan Summit

This is the first vegan event of it’s kind in Europe Sept 15-18

The European Vegan Summit is the first event of its kind in Europe that brings together in an interdisciplinary and intersectional way the scientific, activist, media, and political communities for which a plant-based diet, the protection of animal rights, and the fight against climate change are key issues.

The September event will feature a series of expert panels on activism, politics, technology, and business related to veganism, animal rights, and biodiversity conservation. Thanks to modern technologies, the works of artists depicting the life of animals, so-called farm animals, and those living in the wild, will also be presented. The event will take place remotely from September 15-18 this year.

The event’s Expert Board has been already formed and includes:

  • Sylwia Spurek, Ph.D. in Law, MEP, Vice-Chair of FEMM Committee EP
  • Anita Krajnc, Ph.D. in political science, Executive Director of Animal Save Movement
  • Sebastiano Cossia Castiglioni, Vegan investor, animal rights activist
  • Dorota Sumińska Veterinarian, publicist, author
  • Karolina Skowron, Executive Director of Akcja Demokracja
  • Dariusz Gzyra, Philosopher, writer, activist
  • Marcin Urbaniak, Professor of philosophy, ethician, cognitive scientist, zoopsychologist
  • Claire Smith, Founder of humane investment platform Beyond Investing
  • Catalina Salazar, Director of Aquatic Animal Alliance
  • Jennifer Stojkovic, Founder of Vegan Women Summit
  • Piotr Krajewski, Professor in Economics, Director of the Institute of Economics at the University of Lodz
  • Marcin Anaszewicz, Ph.D. in political science, CEO of Green REV Institute
  • Anna Spurek, COO of Green REV Institute
  • Leah Gage, Program Manager at VegFund
  • Andrzej Elżanowski, Professor of biological sciences, zoologist, bioethicist
  • Piotr Rzymski, Professor of environmental and medical biology
  • Emma Hurst, Representative for animal rights in NSW Parliament
  • Antoni Bielewicz, Director for the European Climate Foundation Poland
  • Piotr Grabowski, Co-Founder of

The event is sponsored by Veg Fund, A Well Fed World and Green REV Institute.

Warning: Video contains graphic content 0:13-0:14