Karina Inkster Canadian Vegan Fitness Expert

Vegan BS-busting fitness coach celebrates 10-year anniversary and fourth book with online plant-based fitness summit

Karina Inkster, online vegan personal trainer and nutrition coach, is celebrating 10 years of
plant-fueled athleticism and the release of her fourth book The Vegan Athlete, with the
announcement of ‘A Decade of Deadlifts’: the first online, plant-based fitness summit of its kind.

Spanning three days, the event features workouts, prizes, behind-the-scenes Q and A, nutrition
info, and the weekend’s feature event: The Panel, an online industry discussion aimed to
counter common myths about vegan athleticism and fitness. The Panel features some of the
most accomplished names in the industry worldwide:

  • Daniel Austin (Champion power lifter; San Marcos, TX)
  • Korin Sutton (Pro body builder; Bay Harbor Islands, FL)
  • Melody Schoenfeld (Trainer and Nutrition Coach Pasadena, CA)
  • Muzammil Ahmad (aka ‘Dr. Plantbased’; 3rd year medical student; Edmonton, Alberta)
  • Karina Inkster (MA, PTS, Award-Winning Vegan Fitness & Nutrition Coach; Powell River, BC)
  • Moderator: Zoe Peled (CPT, former vegan boxer: North Vancouver, BC.)
  • The online event is free with registration, open to all levels of experience, and welcomes a local,
  • national and worldwide audience.

A Decade of Deadlifts: March 19 to 21, 2021
In partnership with Herbaland |Free with registration | details + event information: